[OutSystems UI Web] TextEllipsis missing in OutSystems UI Web

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Published on 5 Feb (12 days ago) by OutSystems R&D
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Published on 5 Feb (12 days ago) by OutSystems R&D


It seems that the TextEllipsis component is not migrated from webpatterns to OutSystems UI Web. I notice that there is a class text-ellipsis. The downside of using css to truncate the data is that the full lengh of the string is sent to the client using an server action to truncate the string avoids this.

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Hi Paul,

Do you see a downside on loading the full string and using CSS to apply the ellipsis? Is the full sized string having impact on performance?

CSS allows for better usage of the screen since the truncate will adapt depending on the screen size, by doing it server side you always have to specify a length.

However, we can consider having the action back if we see value in it and the feedback is positive :)

Hi Dinis,

I have a list with a large description up to 2000 chars. If I load the list without truncating It will sent all the data to the browser. Which I think is a drawback. As a workarround I created my own function to truncate the text. If there is not a huge support for it we should promote the css solution first.