Auto Send Email from Backoffice

Hi Guys, 

Our system connects a mobile app with a backoffice. The app creates data and sends those data to the backoffice. Perspectively the Data shall be created by other sources, too. 

We want the backoffice to send a email to customers, after the app (or another source) creates its data. At the moment, the backoffice needs to be updated manually (open the data table) to enforce it to send the email. 

I guess to send the email without enforcement, the backoffice needs to update itself continuously, check for new data and then send the email or not. Unfortunatelly I have no clue how to manage this...

A little help would be great!


Use a timer and fire the timer in the webservice. update the table after the email is sent with the datetimeemailcreated or something like that. you can call it what you want. 

In addition you can set the timer to fire every 5 minutes to frequently update the table. 



Are you looking for some kind of polling mechanism (mechanism to check the status for changes on your data) or a trigger mechanism (process that is triggered after new data is created in your database)?

Timers and BPT can help you with that.

  • Timers allow you to run async processes that can ping the database/external systems and send an email if changes are detected in data;
  • BPT allows you to react when new data is created;

Kind regards,

Márcio Menezes