Hi All,

In Service Center, I could see an error message ORA-02292: integrity constraint (****.OSFRK_OSLTM_SYNCUSERS_OSS62217) violated - child record found.

This error message is logged everyday by 2.15. On checking this I could see that in LifeTimeEngine espace CleanUpOldProcess is running every day by 2.15.

And this particular constraint is over OSLTM_SYNCUSERS which is a product releated table which has a relationship on OSSYS_BPM_PROCESS.

As the error states we could feel that the timer is trying to delete record on OSSYS_BPM_PROCESS but because of the constraint on OSLTM_SYNCUSERS the error is thrown. Would like to know how can we stop this error and use of the timers CleanUpOldProcess used in LifeTimeEngine???


Thanks in Advance.!!


Sripriya Sekar 


The forums are routinely scanned by OutSystems support, but this sounds like something you should submit to them directly.