Session variables not retaining their value

So, I have a page with these filters

The fields in the gray section are mapped to session variables, because I want to preserve their values.W

When I press either the Apply or the Reset buttons, they call an action using Ajax Submit, so inside the action I see this:

This makes sense, and is exactly what you'd expect to see.

Thing is, when I press the Export button, which, because the Export action ends with a Download node, must use Submit, inside the action I see this:

Is there a reason the Session variables of type Date somehow forget their values?

The only explanation I can think of is that the input fields for the dates are using MaskDate from the CustomMasks module, but then why would it work with the Ajax Submit?

Anyone else seeing this?

So, I've changed the web screen to use local variables, and...

It doesn't work either, the dates still have the wrong value.

Well, at least it's not an issue with the session variables, it's something to do specifically with the fact their type is Date.

Hi Carlos,

If you change the type to text and keep using the MaskDate. Does it work?