Outsystems integrate with external Azure database

Hi all,

I have an SQL database that is hosted in Azure and would like to connect to this database using Outsystems. I have read this tutorial on how to Integrate with external databases however I am unable to successfully connect. I

 believe this is because the outsystems server IP is not white listed in my Azure firewall for the SQL server, however there is no documentation outlining what outsystems IP address is or how to whitelist outsystems in Azure. Has anyone else had this issue?

Is your OutSystems environment and all its infrastructure hosted on the Internet/exposed on the Internet?

If yes  - here is a general approach to whitelist:

1. Go to OutSystems ServiceCenter -> Administration -> Front-end servers

2. Note down the names of the front end servers(full domain names).

3. Check with your admin team to get the public IPs of these front end servers.  The admin/network support person can do a 'ping' command or a similar command and get the public IP address.  Make sure you obtain the public IP addresses and not private ones ..

4. Add these IPs to the whitelist in Azure. Pls check the Microsoft documentation for whitelisting.

If your OutSystems environment is not exposed to the Internet - then I believe the above process cannot be used.

You may want to find out what is the gateway IP address for your internal network and use that for the whitelisting.

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