I am doing the training for Outsystems 10.  In the web services exercise I imported a photo as an image. A toggle should pop up to switch from properties to styles editor, but it does not appear. How do you access the styles editor for the image then? 

I am able to toggle to the styles editor for the image. Have you tried using the image as a 'resource' and using it on the web screen? 

It is a simple .jpg image and in the screen in the MainFlow it actually acts as placeholder for pictures put in by consuming a REST API. That works fine, except that I can not set the format for these pictures, as I have never seen the toggle you are using. Pressing F4 does not do anything either.

Try one thing:

1. The "StyleClasses" CSS property is enabled (it should be without required to toggle.). I just checked - in my service studio for P10 - if I set the image type to 'external' I can still see the toggle option for styles editor.

2. Specify one CSS class. You will have to specify some CSS props for that class.

3. Then check if you are able to see the toggle option.

Also , can you please post a screenshot?