Hey everyone,

I have been looking at methods for converting image files into PDFs which can then be stored on a database to be downloaded at a later date (mobile). I have been working on getting jsPDF working within OutSystems but have not been able to make much progress as I do not have much understanding of js and integrating js into OutSytsems. 

I am currently using hard coded test image in base64 but I would then get a resulting PDF file with only 13 bytes of data which isn't correct. I'm wondering if there is maybe a better solution using existing forge components as I have been unable to locate anything as of yet.

Thanks in advance,


Hi Sushail, 

There are two options to do this, based on web hope this will works for mobile as well. 

1. Write an extension using Outsystems Integration studio which takes image binary and return pdf binary. 

2. Write Rest call which take input base 64 string of image, and return base 64 string of pdf, in this case you need to use extension. 

Please help to share the oml file to check the issue with pdf. 



Hi Ram,

First of all, from your explanation, I can't see what's the benefit of PDF versus images.

If it is still important to generate a PDF, you can check Html2PdfConverter, given a screen URL it will generate the PDF of it.

Or... a quick search came up with: CreatePDFImages, you may want to check it out.