html to pdf converter issue


   I had used Html to pdf converter plugin in my web application, Only empty pdf file is downloaded(without any content).  Someone help me. 


Hi Vitheya,

Check that you've configured correctly to converter, you will need to provide it with wkhtmltopdf binaries (you can do it from the Administration page of Html2PdfConverter, instructions are here).


Hi Jorge,

     While trying to configure "String or binary data would be truncated. The statement has been terminated."

such a error is shown.

Hi Vitheya S,

Please report that error on the Support tab of the component.

Meanwhile, I suspect that could be because the path to the binaries you are trying to upload is too long. You can try and place the required binaries on C:\Temp (or some other equally short-named Folder) and upload them from there to your Html2PDFConverter installation.

Let us know if that helped.