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Published on 2019-11-08 by Stuart Harris
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Published on 2019-11-08 by Stuart Harris


How can I insert a image inside a cell?

Thank you.

Hi Claudio, if the table is existing, just placing a bookmark and using the MSWord_ReplaceBookmarkWithImage will work.  However, I presume you mean inserting an image in a table that you generate.  Currently the component only supports inserting text into table cells, not images.  But that is a great idea, thanks!

Hi Stuart,

Yes, you are correct.

I'm trying to insert an image in a dynamic table.

Is there any workaround for this?

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Apologies Claudio, I never replied to your comment! I imagine its too late for you now, but just in case anyone else needs the same functionality.

I have put the ability to insert an image in a dynamic table on the list of new features for the next version.

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With the release of version 1.3.5 images may now be inserted into table cells.