Firebase Mobile Plugin

Hey Everyone,

I was using Firebase mobile plugin and in that Firebase Receiver is working Perfectly

But when I try to use the firebase Event receiver,

It always returns me the following error

"There is no Firebase instance. Please create a Firebase instance before invoking this action!"

when I deeply looked into it, the instance was not created due to some authentication problem.

I verified my project ID and token which is working fine for My firebase Event Receiver logic.

when I checked deeply for FirebaseNotifyEvent, I came to know that the FirebaseAuthenticate return false 

Anyone have any idea about this?.



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Hi Keerthi,

Can you send a sample .oml so we can take a look on it?

Also, I'm under the impressions that you need to have a block on the page/layout that will create a ninstance. Are you using it?


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Hi Keerthi,

We have same problem on firebase authentication action. 

This problem has a resolution yet ?