Debugging without line numbers in my code

Of course, without code, there are no lines, so when I get an error like this:

and it's in a Server Action with 30+ nodes in it, some of those being Assign nodes with dozens of variables, how can I most quickly find exactly where that zero in the divisor is? If I had code, the runtime environment would tell me the exact line number in the file and I could go right there. 

In OutSystems however, the code is hidden behind lots of nodes and scrolling frames and it's like finding a needle in a haystack...

Is there a better way than clicking on every node where there might be math and scrolling through all the assignments?

It would be nice indeed that Outsystems would kept an reference to each node. In case of an error this reference could then be used to link to that node. Sounds like an idea! :-)

Hey PJ,

Have you tried Debugging your application and turning on Break on All Exceptions?

This is usually enough for me to identify where the problem is.

@Menno, yes, that's great. In fact! Let's go one step farther and in the Error Message, have a link that when clicked will launch OS Service Studio RIGHT exactly on the node with the problem! That'd be so awesome~!!

@Craig, Yes, debugging is helpful. In this case, setting up the scenario where this happens and running through the web app to get there took me so much time. Knowing I could have just wrapped the equation with an IF statement had I been able to get right there is what led me to create this thread. But yes, you're totally right. Debugging is a ticket.