Hi Community, 

I was looking into improving Custom Mask component and for this I did some research and find out that there are a couple more components that do the same thing: 






Th Custom Masks and Input Masks are the more downloaded but jQueryInputMask also looks very complete. And I was wondering if there are some reason to have so many different components that do mostly the same thing. Or it would be better to get the best functionalities of each one and add them to the same component and this way focus the efforts. 

Whats your thoughts about the convergence of components?

There is any functionality that make you use one component over the other?  

Any functionality that you miss in all of them? 

Any feedback will be welcome. 



Absolutely agree with this brilliant idea.It is better also that Outsystems support the custom mask built-in by giving properties in each input field.


Hi Box,

Thanks for the reply. But I don't think that's Outsystems strategy to include all the components in the framework. The most they will do is mark some of components as trusted. Because of this I think is our job as community to have a clean forge, and one of the things that need to be addressed is component replication instead of upgrade the ones that already exist. That's why I was wondering if this components do the exact same thing or there are reason to maintain all the components.