Owl Carousel

I have already created an application and in a Web Screen I have to add an owl carousel. I am also using google custom search api and want to display the data received in JSON format in owl carousel.

How to add and achieve the same ?

Hi Shubham Agarwal,

Can you tell us why you have to add an OWL Carousel?... Silk UI comes with a Carousel pattern that's fairly simple to use and is well supported. Do you have any special needs that it would not support and OWL Carousel would?

You have an OWL Carousel forge component available, I suggest you use that (but it was last updated 4 years ago), and if you have difficulties using it post a specific question on its Support tab, so that the development team may help you.

You can use the JSON Deserialize tool to convert the JSON you get from your search API into an OutSystems List/Record that you may feed your carousel...

As it was stated, your question is too generic for any more relevant answer.

Yeah I got it.But I am unable to use it.

I have a entity named movies having attributes like year,title etc.

And I want to display each of these items in a single container of a single record present in carousel.

How to achieve that?

That should be fairly simple... add a single Container inside the List that you can find inside the Carousel. You can place multiple expressions inside the Container to show the different attributes of your Entity record.