Hi Team,

I had gone through the OutSystems best practices. It is mentioned that AVOID EMPTY LABELS AND DESCRIPTIONS. I would like to know where the description of the webblock is stored just like as entites and attributes are getting stored in the system entity. Please let me know regarding the interest.

please find the attached for better understanding

Hi Rajesakhar,

All descriptions are stored in the eSpace/Module/OML.

Kilian Hekhuis wrote:

Hi Rajesakhar,

All descriptions are stored in the eSpace/Module/OML.

Hi Kilian Hekhuis,

Thank you for the cordial response. Let me explain it clearly, when dragging a web block or web screen. The default name of the web block is WebBlock1. In the similar manner we have Description, Public, Icon and so on... I would like to know where these inputs are getting stored of the source web block widget (main). Is there any specific system entity for these inputs (description, Public, Icon etc.). Please let me know.

Hi Kilian Sir,

These eSpace/Module/OML are stored in database with different published version I just want to know how they stored in DB are they stored as binary if yes then when we opened the module how Palteform fetch them from Database and shows in service studio.



Hi Rajesakhar and Shashikant,

These elements are not stored in the database, unless they are Public. All Public elements are stored in an Entity (Espace_Reference), but all non-public elements are only stored inside the XML of the Module, and can't be queried.