Is Image Picker plugin from Forge usable?

Has anyone successfully used the Image Picker plugin from the Forge?  

It has the following on the Details tab of the Forge entry:

We are using OutSystems 10 Version 10.0.828.0

After installing the related demo app gives an error message (1: cordova not installed or 2: Plugin is not loaded, depending on whether you try to run it from web browser (1) or OutSystems Now (2).

I am posting here from desperation.  I have already posted to the Support tab of the component on the Forge.

Hi David,

I have no idea if the plugin is broken or not, but your problem seems to be before being able to check that.

In order to test custom plugins (not on the list of supported plugins of OutSystems Now) you will always have to do it from a native app running on your device.