How to integrate other mobile application product using outsystems


Good day,

We would like to seek your help regarding our concern on how to integrate this product ACR35 MobileMate using outsystems. 

Right now we are planning to develop a mobile application using outsystems that able to read a magstripe upon swiping card and we will use this product ACR35 MobileMate. This product composed of magstripe reader & NFC.  

I hope you can give us idea on how to intergrate that product in outystems. Thank you

Hi Reuben,

You may want to check this. They apparently provide a Cordova plugin for ACR35 (they call it FloJack), which you should be able to easily integrate in OutSystems (on the Developing OutSystems Mobile Apps online course there's also a lesson on building an OutSystems Mobile Plugin based on a Cordova Plugin, along with a detailed exercise).

If you don't want to pay for it, I guess you could always build your own Cordova plugin based on MobileMate's Android/iOS EVK libraries...