How do i create connection for Oracle database?

I am getting TNS service error. Connection String test failed: ORA-12514: TNS:listener does not currently know of service requested in connect descriptor

Hello Prahlad,

This does not seems to be an OutSystems problem.
So, you have a problem with your Oracle database or with the parameters you are using (like the service name is wrong, or the port, etc).


Google is magical, I found many entries about this error.
You can take a look here and here, for example.

Hope this can help you.


how to connect to localhost oracle db?

Hello Faycel,

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To answer your question you can only connect to your local host db if OutSystems is able to have a connection to it. So your computer (local host) needs to be reachable through the internet so that OutSystems can access it.

For OutSystems on-premise it is a similar situation, then your local network or private cloud needs to be able to connect to your computer.