Managing System File Utilization

This may be the wrong OutSystems Forum for this question.

We are presently using an Enterprise environment in the OutSystems cloud.  We have noticed that an extremely large amount of our available space is presently being used despite our only having loaded a very small amount of data.  Nearly all of the space seems to be used by OutSystems itself.

We have read these two pages:

We assume that some of the space being taken up is by temporary ASP .Net files.  The instructions given in the link above require command line access.  

How can we clean up our Enterprise environment in the OutSystems cloud?

Also, besides the links above, are there any guides to best practice in managing space in the OutSystems environment?

Hi David,

Normally, when I have space issues I go here:

 and delete all old eSpace versions and that solve my problem.

Hope this can help. ;)

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