Consuming SOAP Name space prefix


I am trying to consume a web service with SOAP method through a WSDL file, that has namespaces prefix,  (xmlns:s3=). I got an error in some structures regarding recursive and I am sure that is related to the name Space prefixes that aren't recognized.

Does anyone have this error? Do you know how to fix it? 

Thank you

Hi Rita,

What platform version are you on 10 or 11?

I think version 10 isn't able to process a WSDL with recursive structures.

Not sure if version 11 does, but I do know in version 11 a lot of improvement around SOAP integration have been implemented.



Hi Daniel 

Is version 10, I know that is not possible to deal with recursive structures, what I would like to know is if the namespaces prefixes are the origin of the problem and if is possible to get around this problem by altering the WDSL file.