e-space publish warning: 'configuration changed'

When publishing an application from test to production a warning is shown on one of the e-spaces that was part of the publish.

'Configuration changed. Some eSpace modules need to be republished to use the new settings.'

This surprises me, as there was no such warning on the test environment for this module and there was no warning in the publish log.

Can someone tell me what this warning means and why it is being given?
I don't understand why everything was OK on the test environment but when going to production this was given.
As far as I know there was no recent configuration / settings changed on production environment.

Hi Paul,

Are you using service center or life time to deploy the release.

It may be because the module in which you are getting the warning consuming some extensions/ component is up to date but in production that extensions/ component are not up to date, need to update that extensions/ component to resolve the warning.



We use lifetime for our deploy's. And strangly though this warning did not show up on our test server.

My guess is that whoever is managing your servers changed the compiler settings on the server, likely they changed the compiler mode from Development to Production.

When you do that, every time you publish an eSpace that references an eSpace that was published before this change, you'll get that warning.

The warning is simply there to tell you that at least one of the eSpaces you're referencing wasn't republished after the configuration change, so whatever change was made it's still not in effect for those eSpaces.