When mail transmission fails


If mail transmission fails, it is processed as indicated by the following URL.


>OutSystems tries to send failed emails for a period of days (default period is 2 days). When an email continues to fail after this period, OutSystems quits trying to send it.

I have a question about that,

1.It seems to resend e-mail for 2 days but please tell me the interval of retransmission processing

- For example, after 24 hours, 48 hours after the error?

2.Can I change the default setting for 2 days? how?

3.Can I set up not to resend e-mail?



Hi Ryosuke,

  1. It will periodically try to resend the email for up to 48h before giving up. The interval between retries is going to grow longer with each attempt, in order to avoid trashing the SMTP server.
  2. The 48h threshold for sending emails is set by the platform and there is no UI that allows you to change such a value;
  3. Again, this is a platform setting for which there is no UI to change.

I see.

Thanks, Jorge!