I am talking about Blob encryption with Key Vault on Azure Storage.  Is this possible?

I could use integration studio to build the "client" part and let the mobile app sending a byte array but this is definitely not client side!  

So is there any way to doing this?  I have already checked out the Azure SDK but it doesn't have any function for encryption/decryption.

Hi William,

I was not familiar with Blob in Azure storage, so I went to read a bit about it.
What kind of encryption do you need to do?
There are JS libraries that you can use in your mobile app to do the encryption of your data (but since the information is sent to the server through https, feeling a bit redundant), you can check this lib maybe?...

Let me know your thoughts.



Hi RG,

Are you saying I have to be a javascript guru in order to do this client side encryption?

Anyway, my Boss is ok with the "solution" above for now.  I will keep searching.



Hi William,

Fortunately, if there's nothing natively in the platform helping you, you can always extend it! :)

The library that I sent, I beleive that to integrate it, it's required for you to know JS, however I don't think that you must be a guru to do it.

Also, I looked to the forge and I found the crypto library component, that looks like it does what you need.

Hope this helps you,