Hi all, 

According to this article, the email retry is set at a default 2 days. I have 2 questions. 

  • Is it possible to change the default 2 days and where do we do it?
  • Is it possible to retry or batch retry after 2 days?

Hi Stephen,

It is not possible to change the 48 hour retry period, and I don't think it's possible to re-retry.


Hi Kilian, 

Thanks! maybe we should suggest to the product team to have such a functionality, or at least provide an api to do so. 

Would make a good new Idea :).

Hi all,

I had the same problem in last days. I had 120 e-mails with errors and, after 48 hours this e-mails was still in this state because i had a problem with Microsoft Office 365 mail box cloud account.

Fortunately, I was able to resend the emails with a change to the value of the NEXT_RUN field in the system table [OSSYS_EMAIL_STATUS] for a future date. After that, OutSystems Scheduler Service sent them.

Note: It is highly inadvisable to update system tables, but if you have to, do them by knowing the associated risks.