Dear community,

I have a situation where I'm consuming a SOAP web service and the output structure's type generated by OutSystems is(or at least seams) inline with the documentation received. 

However, when I debug the service, I see the output structure as empty after a successful request. I've set the logging level of the ws to full and I see in the request response that data is indeed received. For some reason, in service studio my structure is empty.

What might the reason be?

Hi Lorena Sabou,

Sometimes in service studio debugger, we do not see all the data in the structures/variables, that is a good question...


Hi Marco,

The problem is that I don't see any data, and therefore, when I try to process tha data, it fails ..



Are you using debug break point, inside the webservice action "on after request" ?

Sometimes data is returned from webservice but in case there is an error on after request, is not returned outside that webservice action.

No, we don't have OnAfterRequest on SOAP web services (only on REST)

I simply debug the call and I'm looking at the output structure in service studio and in service center , in details of the web request. One is empty, one is not

Lorena Sabou,

The feature is only available in P11 (see here), and if you are not using that version, debug is going to be more difficult. Then consider to do a custom log of your web service response. For more details see this post: