Issues with service stdio connections through azure application gateway

Hi All,

I'm deploying an OS infrastructure on Azure and using the Azure application gateway in front of my servers.   I have setup https and installed the required certs and have connections working to my service cetner and lifetime via browser without any issues. 

However i'm having problems with the service studio in that i keep getting connection failures and cannot install applications.   The error details are:

The HTTP request was forbidden with client authentication scheme 'Anonymous'."

I checked access from behind the App GW and everything is fine -  so i suspect that the issue is the configuration of the App GW and https settings -  but i have looked trhough all the doco i can find and cannot see how to fix this.   

Has anyone come across this issue or has a working example of the Azure App GW with OS?  I know it should be supported as several guides reference it's use; so i must just have a setting or 2 to tweak. .