Updated data is rolling back

Hi All,

         In our  Development Environment we try to Update  the value of a Field using update action in front end as well as we tried updated using sql,After a second the value in the field rolled back to Previous value.Can any body give a reason for the roll back.



Hi karthik,

When you tried using sql(sql editor not from application) and are you doing commit?

When you try to update from application from application can you please check are passing Id of that record which you want to update in your code. Please do the debug once.



Hi karthik R,

Like Shashi suggested, the debugger is your friend. See what is happening, if you can see the right value is updated on the database and then it goes back to the original one, I see two possibilities:

  • You are, without realising it, changing it back in your code. Check where you are using the Update and CreateOrUpdate entity actions, or where you may be using an UPDATE sql statement.
  • Somewhere after you updated your value but before the response is sent back to the browser, your code is throwing an exception and that is automatically rolling back your transaction. In the Debugger tab, toggle on the Break On All Exceptions button (rightmost button on that tab). If it stops, you can analyse the context of execution and see where such exception is being raised.

Hi Karthik,

Are you by change trying to update the data using an advanced query from inside Service Studio using the query-test functionality?