Hello Everyone,

I have a use case as follows :

I have JSON data in one of the attributes of the entity (in string format). The JSON contains a list of objects, and every object contains specified attributes (not the entity attributes but the object attributes). I'm deserializing that JSON string and I want to store those JSON object's attributes into a list of an accordion in the frontend. Each Accordion is nothing but the object of the JSON. The accordion contains input elements. Those inputs are nothing but the attributes of the objects. 

The exception is that I cannot use any separate entity to store the data and fetch it from there.

How can we achieve this use case?

There is also a submit button which takes all the lists of accordion data and sends it to an API.

Does anyone have a solution for this?

Hi Beeta,

You can use a local variable with the JSON structure as data type. Then put a form in your screen and assign that local variable as it source. Then place the accordion in the screen and the accordion items that you need. Then move inside every accordion item all of input widget from form that you need.

Then, form the submit button, in the action that you have for it, use your API method and you have as input parameter your form.

Hope that this can help. ;)

Best regards,


Hello Ricardo,

I appreciate your answer. In the solution that you have provided, we'll able to fetch only one accordion but I want a list of an accordion, in which the respective object attribute should be present. In my case, every accordion is a list of form. 

 Unfortunately, it's not the case for which you have given a solution. I appreciate tough.