Can't see my PDF on my server


I'm using PDFObjects and i can't display my pdf but in de HTML its right. I think the problem is that I can't reach my BLOB via the server. How can I reach it because I get a 

404 - File or directory not found.

I want to type this in my URL

Hi Ben,

Can you share a print of the code please? It's easy to understand! ;)

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I want to preview a PDF that is stored in my database as a BLOB but not in my resources folder. I can download the file from my database but not preview/access it.

Hi Ben,

In what way do you want to "preview" or "access" it? A file like a PDF stored in the database is usually available for downloading by the user. Is that what you are trying to do?

Note that making PDFs available via a direct link is typically frowned upon, unless it's generally available PDFs (so you don't need user-specific protection). What would be better is to have a link like, and have a page called "Download" with an Input Parameter "Name", and load that name from the database, and end in a download.

I can download the folder but not access it in my webapplication to preview it.

Hi Ben,

If it's actually a button the user must press to download a PDF, that's really not the way to go. For one, I'm not sure whether the URL would be generally accessible, but if it were, that would be a gross violation of the GDPR (AVG in Dutch), as it seems you're downloading CVs.

So again, you need to create a Download page that is only available with the right priviliges, and have the Preperation end in a Download, which would still work for a src of the embed.

The download function is not important here. I just want to preview the PDF, It tried multiple things but I don't want to have my files in my resources because there in my database


This is the last attempt from me to make you understand, since you seem to ignore what I said, now already twice. After this, you're on your own.

1) It doesn't matter whether you have a download button or a preview, you do not want a PDF with sensitive information like a CV to be publicly accessible!!! So you cannot have a direct URL to the file like in your initial post.

2) Instead of a direct URL to the file, you create a download page. That's an OutSystems Screen like any other, but with no content (other than perhaps an error in case the file isn't found), and a Preperation that retrieves the binary file data and the file name (and perhaps the mime type) from the database, and ends in a Download Statement:

Most importantly, make sure that the download Screen has the same priviliges as the Screen you are calling it from, so that only users that are allowed to see the preview can access the download Screen.