Hello Team,

So I am facing this issue since today on personal environment.

I also opened a support case:

Issue is:

I am working on creating a mobile app in Outsystems 11 using service studio.

The 'Native Platforms' tab is not opening (today only, till yesterday it was opening).

It keeps showing the spinner icon - and keeps loading but the UI never appears.

I tried restarting both service studio as well as my machine, but the issue remains..

Please let me know how this can be resolved.



Hi Chetan,

Your best bet is contact Support, as you have already done. Probably some service is down on your cloud environment, which is not something you can fix yourself.

Thanks Killian, will follow-up on the support ticket.

Hi Chetan,

That happened to me too yesterday. Today it's working fine. Can be some routine running in server, I don't know, but try it later. That was the solution for me (well, it's not a solution :D ).

Best regards,