match imput list with a customer list and generate output

Hi there, 

I guess I have a pretty simple use case but I am not skilled enough to solve it on my own, yet.

A customers sends us different products consolidated in boxes. In our inbound we scan this boxes and generate a list with all boxes scanned in one process. This happens in OutSystems at the moment. 

The customer also sends us a list with all pruducts included in those boxes. What I like to do is matching the scanned boxes with the list of products the customer sends and generate a output with all products includet in the scanned boxes. 

The customer sends an Excel sheet structured like this: 

Column A: BoxID 

Cllumn B: ParcelID

Column C: Name 


The relationship between A and B is 1:n.

A little hind would be great! 

Best regs.


Hi Tobias,

I'm not sure what you want to achieve exactly. If I understand correctly:

  • There are boxes with an ID. This ID is scanned and put in the database;
  • There are Excel files which contain the content of boxes. They include the box ID, and a parcel ID.

What I don't know is:

  • Is a parcel the same as a product? You say you want a list of products, but I don't see "product" in the Excel file;
  • Is the contents of the Excel files stored in the database as well?

If the answer to the above questions is "yes", you should be able to create an Aggregate that joins the two Entities via the box ID?


sorry, ParcelID = ProductID

We will bootstrap the Excelfile. 

I managed to get all Products within one Box but I´d like to get a list of all products within on Inbound:

1 inbound has 100 Boxes each Box has 15 Products 

The list shall include all 1500 Products of the inbound. I am struggeling with telling OutSystems to unpack the boxes. 

Thank you 



Hi Tobias,

That can be achieved by simple joins in the Aggregate:

  • Add the Inbound Entity to the Aggregate;
  • Add the Box Entity to the Aggregate - if the Box Entity includes an Inbound Id, it should be joined automatically;
  • Add the Product Entity to the Aggregate - if the Product Entity includes a Box Id, it should be joined automatically, if not (e.g. if it's just some text or code), explicitly add the relation as a Join.