Users Application - LDAP URL


I'm using Outsystems 10 and I'm trying to use Users Application to get the users from our AD, only for the users that are on a specific group.

On Users Application I set the Authentication as LDAP and I am struggling to understand what URL should be set up for the LDAP. 

I followed the documentation on the link:

I used the "ADSI Edit" to check the object path for the group and set it up as the LDAP URL.  

After this, I run the timer, on service center, to sync the users - SynchronizeDomainUsers 

The timer took 0s to run, so it did nothing. In the logs there are the error "Unknown error (0x80005000)", I didn't found anything relevant or clear about it.

I tried with a more general LDAP URL, this time I didn't try to go to the group level, instead I set it up only until OU=Users. Using the option "Test" I got success on both validations, so I run the timer SynchronizeDomainUsers and it did nothing once again.

I did some search and I found compents on the forge to get users from AD, so I'm wondering why were this components created if the users application should get the users from AD?

And I didn't come to an answer, I just got more confused and need some explanation about how users application works. Shouldn't I be able to get my users from my company AD? If so, how? 

I tried a lot of URL for LDAP and still not sure what URL shoul I use, the URLs that I tried:

- LDAP://<serverName>:port/CN=<Group>,OU=<Department>,OU=<Users>,DC=<dc2>,DC=<dc1>


Could you please help me to understand how can I use Users application to get the users from a specific group from my company AD?

Best Regards

Hi Andre,

Sorry for any delayed response. Are you still having issues or have you managed to get past this?  If I can help, please do let me know.