I'm building a system on Outsystems 10, but i can't seem to get the processes running. I have a process that should start on a "CreateEntity", but noting happens. If I try to launch this process manually, it will only do the start step, and create the next activity (Automatic Activity), but the activity never runs. I can't finde anything about it in the logs.

OS 10 is running on a server on premise. They don't have any experience with the processes in Outsystems.

Can anybody help me to find the problem?

Thanks in advance!


Have you tried to take a look at the Service Center Processes tab? Are there any processes with error?

What about the tab environment health? Is there a green check on the Scheduler?

Kind regards,

Márcio Menezes

Hi Loic,

The scheduler probably isn't running like Márcio pointed out above.

If so, and your infrastructure is on premises, you (or somebody from your infrastructure team) can enter your front-end server, access to services, identify the 'OutSystems Scheduler Service' and 'OutSystems Deployment Controller Service', and restart them.

In case you're not on-premise but in the cloud, contact OutSystems Support.

Hi all,

Thanks for the responses!

The process tab looks normal (I think).

For the environment healt, i get a message that we don't have the licence for it, so i can't check that. 

I'll see if I can use those Forge components and I'll ask the team to restart thoses services. 

Just a side comment for João Marques... in the Cloud you have a "Restart Services" button in Lifetime. Any reason why you would still recommend contacting OutSystems Support?


Hi João Santos,

I did not know that was possible.

Really nice, thank you.


Unfortunately, rebooting the services didn´t help. Are there any other reasons that could be the problem? 


I found it! The "Execute Processes" was not turned on for the server. For the people who have the same problem, you can find it in Administration - Front-end Servers and it's just a checkbox.

Thanks everybody for the effort!