I used Html2PdfConverter to create a PDF. (This required a URL and it worked).

I am able to download the PDF, but ideally I want to view it.

I am seeing a plugin on the forge pdfJS, but I am uncertain now to use it, as it requires a URL as it's path and all that I have from the Html2PdfConverter is the Binary.

It may be a simple thing but somehow it is eluding me.


Never mind, I figured it out.

I needed a webscreen, lets call it pdfdownloaderscreen. dedicated to getting the PDF with a download node at the end.

The use that pdfdownloaderscreen url parameter for pdfJS.

It gets slightly tricky if you need to pass a parameter, but it works. Make sure you use site environment + GetEntryUrl("pdfdownloaderscreen", espace, paramatername, parametervalue) as the url


Hi Jeremy,

Please find sample oml showing PDF on web instead of download. Let me know if it works for you.