Can we create banking application in outsystems

@interview one my interviewer ask me can we create banking applications in outsystems.

i said yes but i am not sure i am curious,

kindly share appropriate answer?

From here:

“Banco BPI is strongly committed to address the new digital economy challenges by improving our customer experience across all channels,” said Francisco Barbeira, CIO/CDO of Banco BPI. “We are using OutSystems 10 to develop new functionality in our Mobile Banking App, and our experience so far has shown improvements in all aspects of mobile application development. The new architecture provides a better user experience, improved application performance, and faster development cycles.”

and here:


Customer Mobile Apps

Gamification built into BPI's innovative mobile banking app is inspiring their 1 million+ customers to become better savers.

I'd say it's easy to say it can be done... but I'd say what was relevant about that question was explaining why is it possible (or not). 

Hi Pradip,

You can check several case studies here in which you can even filter them by industry.

Hope it helps.