Differentiate Silk UI (Web) and Outsystems Web UI

Why don't just use 1 singe base component? Because in parallel OS 10 and OS 11?

Some good component on Silk UI like "Select2" is not available on Outsystems Web UI. Why is it so?

Hi Eric Halim

In Outsystems Web UI, you have something similar to "Select2", it's in the Controls flow, and is called "DropdownSelect".


Thanks I'm aware of that but OS should only has 1 base for UI layout/control/pattern and so on... so make less confusion.

Hi Eric,

I believe everyone will agree with you on this one...

But... OutSystems UI seems to be an effort to consolidate the UI of OutSystems 11 applications moving forward (new streamlined patterns, it, new standard layouts, new template screens), but it is still a work in progress (some patterns are planned but not yet implemented - take, for instance, SectionIndex) and existing applications relying on Silk UI (OutSystems 9/10) shouldn't be broken.

Yup true...some are not available yet on new Web UI so ended up mixing up with old Silk UI