available types of outsystems

Having types in outsystems?

Kindly elaborate?

Hi Pradip,

You do understand your question is very generic?

OutSystems has basic data types, compound data types, collection data types.

Available data types

Data types at runtime

Database data types

Mapping external database types to OutSystems data types



Hi Daniel thanks for your quick response, but i am not looking for data types, i am looking for outsystems types or categories e.g. Cloud Based or any other

Actually i am not sure are there various types of outsystems available or not i am just confirming.



Hi Pradip.

You can have Outsystems on-premises or in the cloud.

On-premises: you buy the license, install the software and maintain like any internal server. It is yours so you can use it internally or provide a public site, in your physical data center or in a cloud provider.

Cloud version: you can buy it as PaaS and only worry with development because OutSystems keeps the server running fine.

The paid version will be hosted as a subdomain of format <companyname>.outsystemsenterprise.com or with a domain you own.

The free version (Personal Environment) is only available in the cloud and is hosted as <username>.outsystemscloud.com.

There used to be a free on-premises version (Community Edition), but it had several limitations. The cloud version is quite better.

You can also have a hybrid solution where you have for example development and test environment in the cloud and production on premise.