How to enable User Role Management Feature

I am new developer for outsystems. Earlier i have worked on 9,10 version of outsystems.
i am unable to add users and i can't provide access to them.

when i tried to access this feature it showing this feature not available for this subscription.

please guide me so that i can access this feature.

Hi Pradip,

Could you share a screen capture of the screen where you get the message you describe?

Are you talking about defining end-users or IT users (developers, support, admin)

End users can be defined on  https://<your-environment-url>/users

IT users can be defined on https://<your-life-time-environment-url>/lifetime/Users_List.aspx

You need the proper role assigned to be able to define users.



Hi pradip chavhan,

Adding to what Daniël mentioned above, for Personal Environments you will not be able to add any IT Users/Developers (restricted by the PE license).

In order to be able to create new End-Users, you need to login to the Users system application with a user that has the Users/UserManager role.