Is Outsystem OOP or Procedural Programming?

Hello all,

I would like to ask, now I using outsystem for my undergraduate project, and because of that I have to design the program based on programming method like UML, Class Diagram etc. So my question is Outsystem OOP or Procedural Programming? Please give me a reasons for your answer, I so confused because there is no class in Outsystem but Outsystem have similiar method with OOP like we can reused the Action for more than once.

Thanks before, I hope your answer my question.

The OutSystems platform is implemented using an OOP framework/language (.net/C#), but the OutSystems language (that you use to develop) has no concept of object, it is a procedural language.

This is explicitly mentioned in the online training materials.

You are confusing a class definition (in languages like C++/C#/Java/etc, Data + Logic) with an Entity definition (in OutSystems, Data only), just because the platform automatically generates its CRUD operations... but you cannot define any other "methods" and those CRUD operations only read/write data from/to the database, and nothing else.