Error in personal environment.

Hi all, I cannot open one of my application in  my personal environment.  Such a error is thrown.

Login using outsystems website check whether environment is asleep or recycled 

Hi Porselvan,

If your personal environment is suspended you just have to visit and click the "Wake Up" button.



Hi Porselvan,

The first thing to check is the status of your environment as Oliver mentioned.

Also, keep in mind that a personal environment is free and there is no guarantee for 100% availability.

If you are using proxy (like me) then you need to set username and password for that proxy from  Edit > Preferences.. 

Or you can check your personal environment if it is asleep.

Thank You all for your responses, But the problem is I can access my environment. I am unable to access one particular application.  Whereas such a error is thrown, which is mentioned in the previous post.

So your error is when publishing? Open the "More Information" section on that window and check Service Center for any extra information.