Change hostname for intern mobile apps

I've came across different mobile application for client who work with internal zone. When I want to generate the app to place it in the stores, I have to change the hostname URL to an URL which is available external and change it back after the generate is finishen. Does someone have an easier way to generate mobile apps in an interal zone?


Hi Martin,

On the latest versions of OutSystems Platform 10, or greater, you can go to Service Center, select your application and go to the Native Platforms tab, where you'll find a "Domain Name" column. There, you can specify a domain other than your server's hostname.


I'm testing the app and when I publish it and install the APK (Debug Android type) it works fine with the default domain name - intranet.

But when I change that address to the extranet, I can't even open the app anymore.

Is it because I'm using the test/debug APK?

for my case is need remove additional  "/" from domain name. original i put "", change to "" then work fine. 

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