Table Record define line count

Hi Guys, 

I just wondering, how it is possible to limit / extend the line count of a table to the actuall data it includes.

By default the line count is 50 and my table always shows me 50 lines. I want to extend it to the actuall count of lines the output generates. 

Thanks for your help!


Hi BigSilkTobi,

You can set the linecount of the TableRecords / ListRecords to <Query>.List.Length.

Bear in mind, that depending on the amount of records you are talking about it can crash your application performance-wise.


Hi BigSlikTobi

The LineCount in the TableRecords / ListRecords can be set to 0. This will show all records present in the Source. (For some reason in the past I have this strong feeling using 0 worked, but I just tested and it does not work).

Remember also that when using aggregates/SQL output associated with TableRecords / ListRecords, the LineCount is used internally to determine how many records to bring from the database. So, you can't use the Length or Count of the source itself as at this point it will be 0 and 0 defaults to 50.