Bar Chart doesn't show label


I have a bar chart with the months names (with enough space) as label in the XAxis. When I open the screen for the first time, the months names doesn't appear. If I minimize and maximize the screen then the months names shows as it should. Any clue how to fix this? 


Hi Fernando Dinis,

At first sight, seems that redrawing the graph solves your label issue. Would an ajax refresh help you solve your problem? If you can share more details of code, the community might be able to help you further.


Hi Fernando,

The drawing of the labels is handled by Highcharts, and apparently the first time the chart is rendered, it thinks there's not enough space. What I find odd though is that normally it would try diagonal text, or abbreviations. Is there any specific styling applied to the X axis (via JSON)?

EDIT: See here for a possible solution.