We have are having a situation where we want to export an excel sheet that will allow user to enter the data and based on the inputs we need to generate the result. Also we are having some data that we don't want the user to change it(like tax percentages etc).Is there any way that we can implement it?

Hi Pranav,

Not with the standard Excel Export. You can check the Forge - there are various components that can deal with Excel files, they might be able to do what you need.


Hi Pranav,

Kilian is right. There are many excel packages available in forge. Please try Excel Package. It supports writing formulas, calculations, etc.,


Hello Pranav,

Try this component https://www.outsystems.com/forge/component/355/advanced-excel/

That will do what you need


Thank you all for you response and help. Really helpful.. :) 

Glad we could be of help. Happy coding!

hi everybody

i have some question

i have some problem to read the data in excel file but this data in macros function.

how to read macros data in the excel file?