Limitations on the Personal Environment - Legal-wise


We are considering using our Personal Environment to start-off our software to few number of clients. Eventually, we will get an enterprise subscription as the number of our user grows.

My question is, do we violate anything by doing so? Like terms of service, licensing, etc.

I have looked but can't find anything. So if you can also point me where to look.

Also, does this apply to Personal Environments too?

Thank you!

Hello Michael.

That document is for the trial version that is available for companies with several employees for two weeks. PE is for a single developer with no time limits. Besides that huge detail, the most of it is a standard contract for PaaS services.

But almost at the start of that document there is an important point.

1.1.6 “Non-Production Environment” means a software Environment that shall be used exclusively for development or test activities, and not for any business operations of the End-Customer or its Users.

PE is also a non-production what besides what is stated there, it means there is no warranty. It can be unavailable without warning. You may lose data for good. If you have problems, you don't have the best support waiting to guide you. Are you sure you want to keep your company data or your client's data in such place?

Note: I never had issues with losing data and only twice in all the years PE model existed my server was unavailable to the point I had to open a ticket in support. But still...