[OutSystems 11] Device class (.phone or .tablet) is being added unexpectedly

Hi all,

I have a page with a TableRecords widget that is converted to PDF using the Html2PdfConverter component from the Outsystems forge.

What I've noticied is that, after upgrading to OutSystems 11, the page is being rendered as a device (either .phone or .tablet is active), which changes the TableRecords display, as you can see below.


Generated PDF


Is this a known issue/"improvement" from version 11? 



I checked the change log of the lib wkhtmltopdf that is used by the widget html2PDF and they added recently the viewport capability plus more DPI/PPI and default screen sizes changes.


Maybe with the update for the version 11 they update the lib version and the issue is from that.

but regardless of that, i think as good pattern you shouldn't allow this screen to be responsive. 

other thing is the OtherArgs Input parameter for the action generatePDF.

here a list with all Args: https://wkhtmltopdf.org/usage/wkhtmltopdf.txt

Good Luck,

Daniel Resende