[Multiple Select] Pass selected values to onchange event to filter on another combobox

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Published on 2014-05-02 by André Madeira
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Published on 2014-05-02 by André Madeira

Hi guys,i have an issue
I use multiple selection to create a combobox like that,it display as i expected : 

But i want to pass selected values to OnChange event to filter on child combobox.How can i do that?
The values can be list or object.

I see that cbbox send only 1 value(variable) to OnChange event .And how can i detect "select all" value ? Can i define an variable to hold value to "select all" too?

Look forward to see reply from you soon .



When you download this component there is a sample. If you open ShowSelection screen action from Homepage you can check how to know which values here selected. "Select all" is something that only exists on client side and what it does is to select all other values. To detect it you would need to know JS and change the component to accomplish that.