[Google Maps Library] zoom, search location and map direction not working

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Published on 7 Feb (11 days ago) by Labs
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Published on 7 Feb (11 days ago) by Labs


I used marker event to show the pins in google maps and i used a plugin to get the coordinates of the address we type and have passed the coordinates to google map in center latitude and center longitude properties, but whenever i search for a location it takes me to the pins which i marked in the map. 

And also the zoom is not happening, i have used a range slider to select the zoom level and im passing the parameters to the zoom property in map.

The map direction is also not working as it directs me to the Pins which i have marked in maps.

note: Have even set the AutoFit to false.

Suggest me a way to fix this.

Thanks and Regards,

Hafizudin M

Hi Hafizudin,

For the zoom feature, you can take a look here.

Hope it helps