Cannot find Notify Action under Logic>>System.

Hi Team

I am unable to find Notify Action under Logic>>System.

I could find it in version 10 but in 11 it has disappeared.

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Devjyoti Pal

Hi Devjyoti,

Go to manage dependencies and select here:

It's Deprecated now but you can use it.

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In P11 you don't work with notify's anymore.

Now you have a similar behaviour as in P10 mobile, working with Events and creating handlers on your page whenever that event is triggered.

This change allows you to have different "Notify" 's, according to the event that was triggered.



I've run into the same problem and, since I'm just ow learning how to use OS, it's a real pain. The Web Blocks and UI Reusability module assumes that Notify still exists and not being able to add it to the StarDisplay Web Block begins a cascade of errors for several modules after.


Hi Ted,

In version 11 the notify is not use anymore to message the parent. On version 11 you have widget events and you need to use those to handle that communication. You can check this post I did about this subject.