[Pushwoosh Plugin] Pushwoosh plugin GetDeviceId action is not returning same Hardware ID everytime

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Published on 18 May (3 weeks ago) by Pushwoosh
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Published on 18 May (3 weeks ago) by Pushwoosh


I'm using "Get Device ID" action from Pushwoosh plugin and I came across a wired observation. 

When I sign into the UAT app, my hardware ID is “5D3230DF-DA1A-47B9-9902-A8185E13A564”. But when I sign into the production app, my hardware id is “384CA1C1-025D-4799-9CB9-8ACD39905DE3”. 

The hardware ID should always be the same and unique, isn't it?

if in case the HardwareId, returning by the action is not same every time, is there any way to assign one HardwareId for one device.


Hello Gaurav,

There you go. Or, for ease of access:


What is a HWID?


HWID (or Hardware ID) is a key identifier assigned to the device by Pushwoosh SDK.

- Android:

It's a random number generated by the first application with Pushwoosh SDK installed on the device. It's later shared with other applications which contain Pushwoosh SDK so all such apps will have the same HWID as a result.

However, if the user deletes all the apps with Pushwoosh SDK and then re-installs some, a new HWID will be generated once again.


IDFV is being used as a HWID of the device. It won't change as long as there is at least one application from the same vendor installed on the device.

Happy (low-)coding!