I saw multiple posts in here about not being able to connect to external databases. I'm facing the same problem.

It's not the first time I use this database for web apps so I"m sure I'm not typing anything wrong. Some web apps, like Grafana, require the port to be specified on the server field, and some don't, as they use the default one anyways. 

For out-systems, I don't get wrong credentials or anything, I simply get can't connect.

Can someone tell me what am I doing wrong here?


Hello Pedro,

Are you using the default MySQL port, 3306?  If so, can you try removing the ":3306" from the Server line?  If you are on a different port, you may need to specify it as a connection string in the Advanced Configuration section.

EDIT: Also, make sure you don't have any firewall rules blocking traffic into your database server.


Thank you for the tip.

I used the advanced connection settings to specify the port and it worked like a charm!

Thanks again!